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Ok, but if Olympic athletes representing USA all turned up in oo5’s outfits, it would not be ok. Y’all want cheerleading to be respected as a sport, yet try to look like performers. People with hella makeup, spray tan, giant poof, and glitzy/skimpy uniforms (STOMACH HARNESSES) can’t be taken seriously as athletes.

Have you seen the countries at Worlds? They dress WAYYY different then the all-star teams. If cheerleading was to be in the Olympics USA and all the countries wouldn’t dress like the all-star teams WHICH they already do. As well I have always said why can’t you look good at the same time. Everyone thinks you have to look like shit in order to do a sport. Also uniforms show your stomach because during your routine you don’t have to be constantly pulling your uniform down. 

This is team USA the country cheer team. Not the all-star teams in the states. They have turtle necks on, no spray tans, no big hair, and they look classy AND how a country team would/ should and already is  represented. 

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